Tuesday, May 2, 2017

And in the quilting world.....

This is what I'm still working on. I so want to finish it but I keep getting sidetracked! See my design wall? It's made out of thick foam-like posterboard and duct tape from Dollar Tree. It works and it folds out of the way when I need it to. I like that I don't have to pin to it like I do my design curtain...plus its right behind my machine. The quilt on it I'm calling Field of Colors and is something I just came up with.

This is what I've been sidetracked with....the Evil Villain chair as the kids call it. I bought this several years ago at an antique store. I just fell in love with it. The only thing I didn't love was the fabric. It collected every single bit of cat, dog, and people hair that it could. Every single bit. Weekly vacuuming only held it barely at bay.

It took me forever to decide on a fabric though. I picked out a beautiful red floral at a second hand store only to discover I didn't have enough of it. Then I remembered this roll of fabric given to me several years ago and languishing in my closet. I wasn't crazy about it at first and then a friend and I started recovering the chair. It is absolutely perfect! It blends with my couch and I see a beautiful color in it to paint my walls this summer! Now all I need to do is find some teal fabric to redo the footstool and the throw cushions on the couch.
You know you have a true friend when she will come help you tackle a project like this!

Of course I can't leave Miss Calikat out of this post! I got a small package from Amazon last week. She barely fit but she made it into the box. All boxes must be inspected and approved you know.

Senior Prom for my daughter...

This is my youngest daughter...my last girl to go to prom....it was bittersweet. She looked gorgeous! There's a story behind that dress. We looked for weeks to find the "perfect" dress.
Then the store didn't have her size when we found it.
We ordered the wrong size and then they couldn't find one smaller. We ended up getting one at another store that needed the zipper fixed.
All of that took weeks and it was the week before prom when she finally had "her" dress.

Boys are easy compared to that! All you have to do is convince them they have to actually put on a tie!

This is my daughter and oldest son....don't they clean up good? lol!