Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sometimes you should just quit when you're ahead!

I was working on this DWR again last night. This is a long term project as it will be a king size. I'm also doing it in four sections. I have one section together and quilted. I need three more rings...three...to have section two done. I started tp put them together last night and this is what I did. Since it was so messed up I knew I'd never get it apart without something tearing but then I realized.....it wasn't just one side piece I have to take off. It's three of them! UGH!!!

So needless to say I stopped for the night. I'm honestly just considering making two more side pieces and tossing this rather than rip this apart.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Not much quilting time lately....

I haven't had time to quilt lately. By the time I sit down at night I am ready for bed and the days have been busy. BUT.....I am going on a quilt retreat soon! A friend and I have decided to do our own retreat. We have a quilt picked out to work on and plan on tackling our massive scrap collections. I already started on mine. So far I've emptied 4 of those big boxes you use to store files in. Cutting down the scraps to manageable sizes takes up SEW much less space! Pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Blogging again..

I admit I struggle with the privacy issues blogging brings. It makes me kind of nervous sometimes to see comments from strangers. But I'm trying this again.
Here is what is currently on my design curtain.
First is a Double Wedding Ring. It will be a king size and I'm doing it in 4 sections so I can hold it while I handquilt. Section 1 is finished and section 2 needs 3 more blocks then quilting.

Next is an Anvil quilt. I saw the pattern in a magazine from the 90's and just loved it. This will be king size too and honestly after these two I probably won't do anymore king sizes for awhile.

And then there's this. A friend and I are doing a block exchange. We're just making them up as we go and trying to keep colors similar. I made blocks one and three, she made blocks two and four. We'll swap out blocks next week.
This one just got sandwiched this morning. I'm going to quilt it on my Davis NVF. In doing a geneology study we found out we had ancestors that served in the war. My 14yo has been begging for this quilt ever since. I'm planning on just doing an X in each block.
I have a LOT of projects going on lol!