Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I'm still here!

I've been mia online for most of July. I took on a home remodel project that just got totally out of hand! Phew!

It all started with wanting to paint the den. It's been probably 10 years since we've painted and between kids, pets, and the woodstove my walls and ceiling were in DIRE need of updating.

So I talked to the hubster about it and he came back to me and told me if we were going to do the walls we might as well take care of redoing the hardwood floors that never got finished. Okay....I could do that. Then I told him I wanted that useless window looking out to the addition gone. Yes the quilt covering was pretty but let's get rid of it. The green quilt is covering the window....

All would've been good if I'd left it alone at that point. But have you EVER known me to do that? No!

Old useless window out! See the board behind? That's the addition.

 The new beadboard that went up where the old window was.

So I looked at that window we pulled out and I looked at my very messed up front window and thought since they were the same size it should be no big deal to switch them out. That is what got me in trouble! There's the old window halfway out....that's as far as I got before dh stepped in and said we might as well put a new one in.

Oh what a mess I can make! One of the problems with an old house is the windows now are different sizes. Nowhere we looked had this size window. But we did find a clearance window we liked. Another problem popped up when the hubster found out he was headed out of town for work. Gulp....replacing the window by myself was NOT on my list of skills. So a dear friend stepped in and helped us out. It took three days of HARD work but we took siding down, cut new openings, put in new windows, and got the siding back up.

And now that almost everything is back in place, we have furniture we can sit on, we can walk through the house, and most of the dust is gone I am thrilled with the den......even if it did take most of July and blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish it. Oh and my boys say that if I ever say I want to redo the den again they are moving out!

I'm still working on curtains though......