Saturday, July 8, 2017

July is here!

And canning season has started. Whew! Yesterday was a marathon canning session. Both canners went all day long. I put up TONS of tomatoes and peppers. It seems that some years cayenne peppers do better and other years jalapenos do better. This year is definitely a jalapeno year which is good since my supply of canned ones was very low. The boys and I picked Thursday night and filled the wagon up.
See those monster zucchini? That's the last of the zucchini for the year. Thankfully they shred well to go in soups or spaghetti sauce.

On the quilting front I started on two of Pat Sloan's quilt alongs. It's fun doing a block a week and when I finish I will have two quilts.
Look at this bottom block. It's from her quilt Winter Solstice. This will be my first quilt where all the blocks are not the same size.
The top block is from the new quilt along Grandma's Kitchen. I'm going to do both of them quilt as you go. Grandma's Kitchen on the machine and Winter Solstice by hand.

All quilts and quilt blocks on the premises are inspected for quality as soon as they are made. Standards are high and this one passed with flying colors. I could barely finish quilting it before she took over. She had a bath and then a nice long nap.

And just in case you thought all I do is can and quilt (would be fine with me!) Here's a pic I took Sunday...dh asked me if I would iron a "couple" shirts for him.....