Friday, June 23, 2017

So long since I've updated!

Life has been so busy! There were two graduations in our family in the space of three weeks. To start the ball rolling our youngest daughter graduated from high school. Where did the years go? I can't believe that all my girls are now adults...
Then a week off to recover and plan for the trip to Florida to see daughter #2 graduate from college. To add to the stress dh could only take two days off work. When you're the boss and have a deadline that happens. So we rented a large van, loaded seven of us up, oldest dd went with us, and headed out on Thursday night. We made it to dd's around 5am to sleep. Then that night to her graduation. She graduated with high honors! It took her a while to get her life straight but now she is on a good path and we couldn't be prouder of her!
We got back home early Sunday morning and I crashed. Really I went to bed and stayed all day. Monday we started VBS at church and I had volunteered to help in the kitchen. If you can have jet lag from driving I had it. Also that week was our yearly TreadleOn gathering otherwise known as TOGA. I only got to go to two half days but it was better than nothing. I brought this sweet, sweet machine home with me from TOGA. 

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  1. Congrats on the graduations! Cute machine, I love parlor cabinets (I have 2). I'll be at the TN TOGA.