Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Perfectly Relaxing Day....

That is how I would describe yesterday. Other than a short trip out yesterday morning I stayed home and played in my studio all day. I made the ties for my niece's crib bumpers. I'm not yet brave enough to make the actual bumpers so I'm working my way up to it lol!

I used my new iron to press them and then I started pulling scraps out for the anvil quilt I set aside a few months ago. I didn't have anywhere near enough fabric cut and was out of what I used so I got frustrated and put it up. Now I am refreshed and just making it scrappy.  I pressed and pressed and pressed, and then I cut more 2.5" squares and I pieced more anvil blocks.

Netflix was on and I was chilled! If you haven't seen it google "Netflix and quilt", there is a neat t-shirt being printed now with that saying. While I would love to have one I'm NOT paying $27 for a t-shirt!

I woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow on the ground.....I was hoping for more since this is all we've gotten this winter but we'll take what we get. I'm hoping it will set the blackberries so we have a good crop this year. Blackberry muffins, blackberry pancakes, blackberry jam.....yummy!

 Here's my setup yesterday. My little basket of leaders and enders over on the right is filling up. I may work years on that though before I have enough to make any size quilt. I'm also questioning my sanity of the size of those tumbler pieces.
 I had a bedtime snack of my dd's homemade peanut butter cookies and a glass of milk and Miss Calikat thought since she helped me quilt she deserved some too! See her in my lap above? It turned out she only wanted the milk though. Spoiled cat!
 After our snack we decided it was bedtime and since the hubster didn't make it home this weekend due to the weather, Miss Cali snuggled up and slept with me. That is where she stayed all night long and anytime I moved she stuck her paw out to grab my hair.

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