Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Can I just say how much fun I am having with Google?

Right now Google is rocking my world lol! Everyone has google right? But are you really using it? I know I wasn't. I mean I checked my email and that was it. It all started with our homeschool group having difficulties with yahoo email. Some get the emails but quite a few don't get them for weeks if ever. We started looking at google groups to see if it would be a good alternative for us. We think it will and this summer we will make the transition. But then I started playing around with all the other things google has to offer. Like photos....usually it is a slight pain to email photos from my phone to the computer, with google photos though I just pull them up. Probably the neatest thing though happened Sunday night. Dh travels for work and is having to miss our small group study on Sunday nights. We're studying Revelation and he was upset he couldn't be there. So I recorded it on my phone, uploaded it to my google drive and shared it to him. Worked perfectly!

In the quilting world I've been busy!! My room is clean and I've turned out two baby quilt tops in two weeks. One will be tied tonight and the other just as soon as I can piece the backing. I didn't take a picture of the first after it was completed but here it is in the making. The backing is below and will be turned diagonally.

 This one is for my great nephew due in May. I also have to make crib bumpers to match this.
And yes, I shared these from my phone with Google photos :-)

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