Friday, March 24, 2017

A week away..

Dh has been working out of state the last month. I hate him being so far away but it did give the boys and I the opportunity to get a week away. Things have been crazy lately so it was much needed.

We started out Monday exploring the lake we were camped by. Beautiful....absolutely beautiful! And that water? Warm, it probably helped that there are three power plants using that lake for cooling. Temps in the 70's that day didn't hurt either. This end of the lake was shallow and the boys had a blast walking all over that part. There was some amazing driftwood that made me so want an aquarium again. Sadly though I hurt my foot walking that day and was laid up the next day so the boys spent that time exploring the woods and riding their bikes.
Look at the size of that deer track! The boy wear a size 11!
Snail and turtle shells.....

Rinsing off the turtle shell               

Bird tracks in the mud
I rallied after resting my foot (getting older and having issues suddenly pop up stinks) and we went to Sevierville next. There is a huge knife store there and the boys were begging to go to it. So being the kind of mom that thinks every boy should have a good knife, off to the knife store we went. I'm not sure that the youngest will get a lot of use out of what he got other than being able to show it off to his buddies. I will benefit about as much because I earn "Coolest Mom" status for awhile lol.

Oldest son got one he can actually carry in his pocket....look at those curls he has! He definitely got that from me.

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