Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Anvil Blocks...

I've been busy making these little 6" blocks for awhile now. I started a few months back and thought I had cut all I needed for a king size quilt. Obviously I was wrong because I got 5 rows made and ran out of pieces. Hmmm.....I also ran out of the fabric I was using or its hidden somewhere in the depths of one of the scrap bins. That put me in a slump and I put them away till this week. Then I got an idea and pulled them out, I decided to scrappy it up! Here are a few of the scrappies.
 These are the original blocks I started with so not too different.
 And these are what I plan on adding in...I'm going to take apart the rows I already have done and blend in these brighter and scrappier blocks.

 I don't know why but for some reason these blocks were so hard at first. Now they're easy but I still put this one below together wrong lol.I was talking and sewing and apparently I can't do both.  I do wish I had made them a bit bigger though, maybe 9 inches. While I'm making these I am going to just go ahead and make enough to do a small lap quilt that will be gifted to someone.

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